Protein Banana Ice Cream!

Do you LOVE ice cream but don’t want to consume the crazy calories and sugars that come with it?

Some people think that being on a ‘diet’ means you have to eat boring meals all day long to lose weight… Absolutely NOT! I have been creating exciting, delicious treats for years and I have still been able to reach my fitness goals! This is why I’ve always enjoyed this lifestyle πŸ™‚

SO… Here is my solution for a HEALTHY high protein ice cream πŸ˜€

Ice Cream Ingredients:

1 Frozen Banana

6-8 Ice Cubes

ΒΌ Cup of Almond Milk

1 Scoop of Protein (I use Prosupps Isolate)

2 Tbs of Sugar Free Hot Chocolate or Stevia

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips (additional)

Any other ingredients you like


Freeze your bananas the night before (take the skin off first) and make a fresh tray of ice.

Get your frozen banana and almond milk and put in your blender cup. Blend these together until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Add your Ice.Β You may need to do these in batches as sometimes the cup gets overloaded!

Once the ice is all crushed add in your protein and other dry ingredients and blend these until smooth (You may need an extra dribble of liquid if it isn’t mixing easily).

AND… Done! It is just like soft serve ice cream!