My Breast Augmentation!

My Breast Augmentation!




I have had a lot of you reaching out to me about my breast augmentation so I thought I would fill you in on the process I went through and why I decided to do it.

To begin with, i just want to say, I did this for MYSELF! I have always had this insecurity and this is something I put a lot of thought into. I’m not telling anyone they should or shouldn’t get a breast augmentation, but I want to give as much info I can about my experience and help anyone who also wants to go through with this surgery too! 🙂

I had said for years that I wanted to get them done but I was always too scared to actually go through with it and I also never had the money to pay for them.

When I turned 22 my friend said that she was going to get hers done through a hospital in Lower Hutt so I went along to her consultation to get some more info and to have fun trying on the implants! When it was time for her to go into the operating room I was so scared for her but she wasn’t scared one bit! She came out of it all saying how easy it was and it was the best decision of her life! This made me seriously consider going through with it myself…

I did a lot of research online and decided that Thailand (Phuket) appeared to be one of the best places to go. I slept on the idea (for almost a year and a half haha!) and over that time about 15 other girls I knew went through Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute and highly recommended them. Finally I had enough money to go and I emailed the hospital directly, they answered all of the questions I had very promptly and then two weeks later I had my flights, accommodation and surgery date booked!

I arrived in Thailand and spent a few days enjoying shopping, swimming and working out before surgery day, because after surgery I knew I wouldn’t be doing much!

On the 26th November my boyfriend Sam and I got picked up by a private driver (organised by the hospital) and headed to PPSI. When I arrived I was taken through different tests to ensure I was well enough to go through with my surgery, and about an hour later I was in the consultation with my surgeon (Dr Veerawat). I decided on the size 330cc teardrop/anatomical implants, dual plane (half under the muscle) and incision under the breast fold.

Once that was all over I was taken to my AMAZING private room where I only waited for one hour before I was wheeled away into the surgery room (it all happened so fast!).

I have to say, I have never been so scared in my life. I was crying as I was being wheeled down the hall way to the operating room and one of the nurses was so caring, she was wiping away my tears, telling me it would all be okay.

Next minute I was awake after surgery looking up at my boyfriend! I was a little bit sore but overall I felt okay. I spent one night in hospital and I was released at 10am the next morning after I was checked over by my surgeon.

We returned to the hotel where I spent a good couple of days just chilling out around the hotel and then on the third day I was up and about, walking short distances around the markets and eating (semi) normally again. I was still unable to do a lot of things, so I was extremely grateful Sam was there to help me get up, shower, put on my clothes, pick up things and getting me comfortable in bed. I could not have done it without him!

Each day became easier and easier and I slowly became more mobile and more myself.

On the 7th day I have my post op check and had my stitches taken out. I was shown how to massage and how to take care of my scars and then I was sent on my way and spent another few days enjoying Phuket before we flew home.


Getting Back Into Training!


I started walking as soon as I felt up to it (about 5 days after) but I was advised by my surgeon not to do weights for 4-12 weeks (lower body at 4, upper body later).

At about 2 and a half weeks post op I started doing cardio on the stationary bike at a very slow speed and increased it every few days.

At about 3 and a half weeks I started doing very light legs (body weight squats, lunges, resistant band work and light leg press) but I was very careful and stopped as soon as I had any discomfort.

At 5 weeks I felt more comfortable and added in some more leg work such as hip abductor machines, leg extensions, seated hamstring curl and hack squat. I continued doing cardio to keep my body fat down and made sure I was drinking my Aminos and BCAA’s so I didnt burn off too much muscle!

At 7 weeks I started doing very light arm work (probably twice a week) such as: tricep extensions, bicep curls, side/front shoulder raises and rows, mostly using a resistant band.  My chest muscles were still really tight at this point and I still couldnt quite get my arms fully above my head without a tightness (I probably should have done more stretching!) so I avoided anything that would stretch my chest such as shoulder press, lat pull downs etc.

As I am healing I am slowly adding in new exercises, but breast surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly. Being a fitness enthusiast I could have easily gone back into training full swing to avoid losing ‘gains’, but I never wanted to take any risks! There are many problems that can happen and I do not want to ruin it for the sake of some  staying lean or strong. I will eventually be able to lift heavy again but in the meantime I am going to enjoy finding new ways to train and take care of myself.

I would definitely recommend PPSI for breast augmentation surgery. BUT always do your own research first. Look into the different surgeons available and make sure you have an idea on the look your going for. I researched for two years and I knew it was the right decision when I still felt the same as I did when I first considered it.

If anyone has any other questions about breast augmentations or getting back into trainging, flick me a message and I will try and help as much as possible 🙂

Laura x

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