Fitness Coaching


6-Week Booty Bootcamp

6 Week Kick-starter program for girls wanting to get started in the gym. This plan comes with 15 individual, carefully tailored workouts, custom nutrition plans, warm-up guide, exercise instructions and body part guide.

  Booty Bootcamp 8 Week Program

12 Week Fat Loss and Toning Bootcamp

Intensive 12 Week training program for those wanting to loose fat, improve their physique and gainconfidence. This plan comes with 30 individual, carefully tailored workouts, nutrition plans, warm-up guide, exercise instructions and body part guide.

  Booty Bootcamp 8 Week Program

12-Week Customised Strength and Toning Program

12 Week intensive training program designed for those looking to improve their strength as well as their physique. This plan comes with fresh work out plans with a bigger focus on weight training, advanced supplement guide, advanced nutrition information and more. Weekly Skype sessions to monitor your progress.

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One-on-One Training Sessions

Here's your chance to train one-on-one with me! 1.5 hour intense training session where you will push yourself to your limits and receive valuable feedback. Sessions available in Wellington, New Zealand only.

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Individual Plans

I have a range of individual plans, including One Week Workout Plans, Home Workout guides, Meal Plans and Supplement Guides that can be purchased individually. These plans are great for the people of all levels looking for some fresh ideas, or to change up their current routine.

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Online Store

Easy to use online store for with high quality equipment and accessories to help you on your journey, all in one place.

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Many girls are afraid of working out, as they are scared it will lead to weight gain and getting too bulky. However, lifting weights is the quickest and easiest way to sculpt your bodies natural curves! Not only will you start to look better, but it will give you the confidence to tackle all of life's challenges.

Loosing weight can be a struggle for girls of all ages and size. A carefully planned combination of strength training, cardiovascular training and healthy eating is a proven and effective way to shed those pounds. Laura is living proof of this formula!

Confidence is key, and there's nothing like feeling comfortable and proud of your own body. Laura's coaching will not only give you all the information you need to succeed, but also the motivation to make fitness part of your lifestyle - not just a chore!